This is rule of thirds because i used the 8:5 Ratio and positioned the orange cone to the left side of the ratio. as you can see it doesnt appear to be in the centrally symmetrical to the grass environment. you have a feeling of openness and the orange cone gives a good contrast with the backround. it appears to be in a pleasing spot



This is line because you could feel the boundaries around the tone and color. and has a great appeal to the eye with the light and dark contrast. stretching the lined gate across the picture gives the effect of a strong and linear environment. in the backround too you could aslo see more lines through those other three gates. i really like the tonality of the picture



This is a tonal picture because you could see the tones of the bee on the purple flower while the backround which is the whole bush of flowers dark and cant see anything. the bee and the flower are the main elements of the picture and have a tonal intertchange so that you are mainly focused on the main elements which are the bee and flower. the settings are exposed correctly



This is color because the blue wrapper looks out of place from the grass. it stands out relativly more than just the whole patch of grass because of the odd color. i gave it a contrasting color and therefore your eye catches attention because it is out of place. this is why i think this picture is an example of the rule of color. look at the green patch of grass in contrast to the little wrapper