what i did in this photo was on friday night light. i took a picture of this man. Gabe CUNANANAN. after that, i opened this up still on friday night lights in photoshop. i put a pattern onto his face and added blood using the many brushes you could use. and then, still on friday night, i added a dark backround photo to fit the zombie project of gabe. on friday. then on sunday, i fixed the color contrast on the photo by adding a photo filter to create a blue tone to the picture of gabe. taken of friday. now still on sunday, after i went to church, i had the idea of using piden eyes for the eyes. and there you go. thats how i wrapped up my sunday. now on monday morning when i didnt go to school. as i was driving around i got the idea that my picture was to dark so i brightened it up with the dodge tool. look at that. although his head is cut off it looks cool. remember the photo was taken on friday. and i ended on monday morning. look at this its not Gabe. Its Gabalizah. :D